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Our schools instill in students the desire and ability to succeed in college, in order to change the world.

KIPP NJ | KIPP Miami Job Listings

See our current listing of education jobs in Newark, Camden, and Miami.

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How to Land Your Dream Job

Check out our guides to help you land your ideal teaching job in NJ and Miami.

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Why You Should Work at a KIPP NJ | KIPP Miami School

See why working at a KIPP NJ and KIPP Miami school will be the most rewarding job you’ll ever have.

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Our Teachers, Leaders and Staff...

  • Build strong bonds with students & families.
  • Have their voices heard & respected.
  • Affect change & give ALL children access to choices.
  • Get to be themselves & have fun at work.
  • Grow careers with ongoing education & leadership opportunities.
  • Directly impact thousands of lives.