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Meet Our Teammates

Fantastic teammates are everything. Our teammates inspire our students—and each other—to accomplish incredible goals, inside and outside the classroom. Step inside our ‘team and family’ and learn more about our teammates.

Meet Taylor Scarpa

Volunteering as a teacher while in college set Taylor Scarpa on a path toward education. Today, she’s growing as a teacher and supporting classroom engagement at KIPP SPARK Academy. Learn more

Stephanee Cook headshot

Meet Stephanee Cook

KIPP NJ alumna and Newark native Stephanee Cook returned to her home city to pass along her passion for learning to the next generation of Newark students as a Teacher in Residence. Read More

Tamar Reyes-Fernandez headshot

Meet Tamar Reyes-Fernandez

Tamar wanted to take her career as a Spanish teacher to the next level—and she quickly realized that KIPP New Jersey would be ideal place to grow her skills as a teacher and leader. Step inside her journey at KIPP Newark Collegiate Academy. Read More

headshot of Ondrena Clyburn

Meet Ondrena Clyburn

Ondrena’s percussion classroom at KIPP BOLD Academy is a place where music comes alive! Learn how this Teacher in Residence is inspiring students to discover their passion for drumming. Read More

Intisar Hatcher-Wright headshot

Meet Intisar Hatcher-Wright

Engaging students in STEM learning is a top priority for this middle school science teacher at KIPP TEAM Academy. Step inside a day in the life of a STEM educator. Read More